He won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Lyrics for the film Putro (2018). He was the winner of the Citycell-Channel I Music Award in 2008, 2010, and 2013 and also received the Mirchi Music Awards (Bangla) award for the Song of the Year in the Modern Song category for, “Shabuj Chilo”. On 2020 he was awarded CJFB Performance Award 2019 as best lyricist.

2008Citycell-Channel i Music AwardsBest LyricistWon
2008Bangladesh Cultural Reporters AssociationBest LyricistWon
2009Dhaka Cultural Reporters UnityBest LyricistWon
2010Citycell-Channel i Music AwardsBest LyricistWon
2013Citycell-Channel i Music AwardsBest LyricistWon
2017Mirchi Music Awards BanglaSong of the year (Modern song)Won
2018Bangladesh National Film Award for Best LyricsBest LyricistWon
2019CJFB Performance AwardBest LyricistWon